Grip on your finance

A new European law, the payment service directive 2, makes bank data open for third parties. To be ahead of this law we, together with The Valley, created an app that gives millennials more grip on their personal finance. The app takes account of planned expenses so the user exactly knows what he or she can spend at any given moment. 


The dashboard is the place where a user can see how his or hers financial situation is doing. On the dashboard the user finds the save to spend amount. A save to spend amount gives the user the insight of what he or she can actually spend.

Planned expenses

The planned expenses are the expenses that have been determined in advance. The app automatically set these expenses aside at the start of a new month.

Personal advice

We use a chat in the app to give the user advice when needed. We choose for a conversational approach because it guides the user on what steps to take next. The chat functionality is perfect to present important information if needed.


In the design process, we experimented, with interactions and data visualization. We executed three designs sprints and tested the prototype with end users at the end of every sprint.


We have shown the app to a variety of dutch banks and they showed a lot of interest in the concept & design.